HR Classification Analyst

Location: Rosslyn, VA
The HR Classification Analyst has the following job duties and responsibilities:
Write technically authoritative standard position descriptions for various occupations at the GS-5 through GS-15 level based on full and current knowledge of the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Position Classification Standards and updates. In the process of doing so, the candidate will be expected to consult with or interview management officials, managers and supervisors, employees, HR Specialists, etc.. The purpose of such consultations/interviews will be to gather data needed to develop and/or review position descriptions; confirm duties and levels of responsibility, supervision exercised, knowledge required, scope and complexity, and other factors that must be addressed in the position description; consult with management officials to ensure that activities are in line with organization position management goals and objectives.
Write evaluation statements, as necessary, for position descriptions developed by the candidate. Evaluation statements must clearly and persuasively support the job series and grade designation of the position(s) being classified.
In the event that classification actions are to be further reviewed or appealed, the candidate may be called upon to assist in the preparation of documentation, supporting material, or otherwise provide information as to how a classification action was determined and the rationale behind his/her findings in an evaluation statement he/she prepared.
Based on the candidate’s technical expertise, he/she may be asked to review position descriptions developed by other persons to offer advice regarding their technical accuracy, quality of writing, and that all duties and factors fully support the position series and grade proposed. As required, the candidate may be called upon to suggest modifications and improvements, and directed to revise or further expand upon products initially drafted by others
Participates in or conducts management studies regarding position classification and organization position structures. Assesses the need for reorganization of office structures as instigated by management; proposes functional and efficient position structures, sub-components, new or revised position descriptions, abolishment or melding of positions to ensure sound and efficient management practices and sound position classification and position management. Findings made during such studies (or delineated parts of studies) will be put in written reports for the consideration of management and others as appropriate.
Conducts informal, in‑house position audits on individual positions or groups of positions as initiated by management. Reviews duty statements and interviews incumbents, supervisors and others as required in order to assess the need, or lack thereof, to revise existing position descriptions. Makes recommendations for revision of position descriptions, that established position series and grades are in line with current classification standards, and/or that the duties of a position do not warrant the grade and series the position is currently classified at.
As needed, the candidate may be asked to review newly issued classification standards and guides, or other law, rule or regulation issued by OPM or enacted into federal law, in order to assess the potential impact on positions advise management and Personnel officials of possible actions needed to remain compliant with law and regulations.

Required Education Skills and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in a technical field of endeavor with four (4) years of professional experience. An additional four (4) years of experience may be substituted in lieu of a degree.
  • In-depth experience with OPM Classification standards and guidelines.
  • Expertise with Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access).
  • Demonstration of excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Documented experience in HR related support.
  • Must have an active Security Clearance.